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The scope of this project consisted of a loft/attic extension,  a remodel of the main kitchen and adding an outside garden deck to an existing house built 1924 in Bochum, Germany.  The client requested a loft like conversion, which could be used as a separate suite.  While the design keeps the original outside shape and duct of the house, the original dormers were slightly extended and a third dormer was added on the garden site. All windows and dormers were manufactured in analogy and use of same building materials according to the original appearance of the house.
The inside loft space provides a big open space with a built in kitchen and a separate bathroom and toilet. The main electrical lighting is recessed along wall and ceiling to emphasize the vertical triangular shape of the loft and having the ceiling of the impressive attic roof untouched by any light features, AC and speaker outlets.

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Dachstudio Bochum